The “Tubes”


Ingress and egress (for vehicular traffic) in Alameda is via four bridges (3 to Oakland, 1 to Bay Farm Island) and two tunnels (a.ka. Webster and Posey Tubes). These tubes went through a major earthquake retrofit that lasted three years (2000-2003) during which time, they were closed from Friday night to Sunday night every week to accomodate the retrofit work. This resulted in detours up the wazoo and a great deal of inconvenience.

Unfortunately, even though the retrofit work lasted 3 long years the appearance of the tubes leaves much to be desired and are not exactly a great advertisement for Alameda. It is certainly not unreasonable to expect that one of the major approaches to the city would be better maintained than they presently are. The roof is bare concrete and doesn’t match the rest of the (hideously green tiled) walls. Maintenance on these tubes appears to be virtually non-existent. The walls are covered with soot and some of the lights are burnt out (it has been this way for a while).

I mailed CalTrans about the current state of affairs and also forwarded my complaint to ChronicleWatch. Stay tuned for any updates.

One Response to “The “Tubes””

  1. keepmeasurea Says:

    The speed limit through the tubes is 45MPH – who has time to notice the soot on the ceiling??

    David Howard

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