Alameda Daily News: Entertainment or News?

Don Roberts maintains — an “award winning” site that positions itself as the purveyor of all Alameda related news. One of the first things that strikes the visitor is the rather loud font and color scheme that simply makes your head spin. Oddly enough, for a news-related website, there are NO archives. The postings on the site follow a FIFO pattern and old articles continually make way for the newer ones.

Don, perhaps you ought to rework the site as a WordPress blog?

A quick glance at the site is often sufficient to give you the flavor du jour (or atleast, those issues that Don deems important to publish) 🙂 Currently, it is long running debate over the feasibilty of Measure A exemption for Alameda Point. Don is also quick to publish articles on how he scooped the other newspapers on items of local interest (but the self-laudatory scoops can get annoying after the third or fourth time; Woodward and Bernstein, this certainly is not!)

4 Responses to “Alameda Daily News: Entertainment or News?”

  1. Ben Kruger Says:

    I have said this many times before, but I can’t say it enough. Don Roberts is just a waste of time. It is precious time that you can’t get back. Where do I even chime in on him….

    First, there is the censorship issue, he deems what he wants to add. I know people who have called him out on this and he casuals dismisses the issue. “Oh, your email was missed”.

    Second, could he be more infatuated with Pat Bail? His frequent guest, arrgh, it just makes me puke how he fawns over her. Get a room the two of you already!

    Third, “Scooping”, anyone can scoop anything if you compare web publishing to printing. Does he really think he is scooping?

    Next brings us to his “Daily Newspaper”, I could teach my daughter how to run a site better than him in 5 minutes, perhaps even my cats! I think the “award” he referes to in his claim to “award winning site” is worst site on the internet! It truely offends me!

  2. Michael Krueger Says:

    Speaking of the censorship issue, there’s a nice example of that on Blogging Bayport Alameda. Take a look at the original letter from Doug Biggs, as it was sent to Mr. Roberts. Here’s how that letter actually appeared on Alameda Daily “News” after a little creative “editing”:

    Monday, August 21, 2006

    2:04 p.m.: Doug Briggs Responds to Letter Writer’s Allegations About Alameda Point Point Collaborative


    For your information, APC holds coordination meetings with the City and the Police on a regular basis to address any issues that may arise and to review statistics regarding crime. According to statistics compiled by the Police Department, APC’s crime rate is lower than in most parts of Alameda and is in no way a “crime infested ghetto” as the letter on your website alleges. Having said that, we treat any concerns regarding the safety of our community with the utmost seriousness and will follow-up on the allegations made by your website with the Police to ensure that our community remains a place where families can overcome the trauma of homelessness and lead productive lives.

    APC is committed to a safe environment for all residents.

    Doug Biggs, Community Resources Director, Alameda Point Collaborative

    Editor’s note:

    We edited this letter, including the last sentence which was added based on Doug Briggs’ comments during our telephone conversation this afternoon.

    Don Roberts

    Notice anything missing? Like, oh, I don’t know, the first two sentences, the ones critical of Don Roberts?

    Mr. Roberts has no qualms about posting whatever attacks and wild,
    unsubstantiated allegations are sent his way, yet he refuses to publish any
    criticism of his own methods, even when it comes in signed letters from his
    readers. He even misspells Mr. Biggs’ name twice. This from a man who never misses an opportunity to criticize everything from the journalistic standards to the spelling and grammar of the Alameda Sun and the Alameda Journal . . . talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  3. Jon Spangler Says:

    Dear Musings,

    I emailed the following to Don Roberts tonight, following accusations of racial bias against Frank Mattarrese that appeared on the Alameda Daily News this past weekend (10/14-15). In particular, I was responding to Don Roberts’ 10/15/06 comment, which folllows my email to him:

    Dear Don Roberts,

    There is just no evidence for “including Matarrese in…(discussions of) alleged racism,” as alleged in the Daily News (10/15/06, text below). The public record shows that Frank’s decision was just not racially motivated, as has been claimed.

    Frank’s strong friendship with Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft (in addition to her being well-qualified for the job) is the sole reason he supported her. This was obvious to anyone who knew the parties involved or participated in the process of replacing Al DeWitt, as I did. (As a friend of all three final candidates, as well as a supporter of Marie Gilmore for the DeWitt vacancy, I spoke with all of them at the time, and have verified details with them today.)

    Frank’s close working relationship with Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft began with the two library bond measures (C, O). His consistent support for appointing her had nothing whatsoever to do with racism. Ask vice mayor Marie Gilmore, who endorses Frank’s re-election, and who served with Frank on the Planning Board.

    I supported Marie Gilmore over the other two well-qualified top candidates, Ezzy Ashcraft and now-Council member Doug deHaan. I lobbied Frank hard to support Gilmore instead, but he felt a deep obligation to his close friend, Marilyn. I could not sway him, despite his deep and abiding respect for Marie Gilmore, with whom he has worked effectively on the Council and whom he endorsed in 2004.

    We will all still be living here AFTER the election, regardless of its outcome. May I ask that all of us refrain from using inflammatory language and misinformation when discussing public issues and the campaigns? It does not help our community when exaggeration and “sleazy” language are used to attack one’s opponents: inflammatory words are neither necessary nor useful to describe what is actually going on in Alameda. Errors in an opponent’s arguments or “facts” can be accurately identified or described without resorting to slander, propaganda, or half-truths.

    It will help if we remain on speaking terms with as many of our neighbors as possible during the campaign, so we can solve the real problems we face together after November 7. Being civil–especially to those whom we oppose or believe to be in error–is a good start, and I am trying my best to do just that.

    Optimistically yours,

    Jon Spangler

    from Alameda Daily News, 10/15/2006:

    Editor’s comments: It is hypocritical of Jeff Mitchell to smear two candidates, for what he alleges are racist comments, but to not include in his editorial, an actual vote by Councilmember Frank Matarrese against the appointment of Marie Gilmore, an African-American woman, to fill the seat on the Council vacated by African-American Al DeWitt. While we do not believe that Matarrese is a racist, as we do not believe that the other two candidates alluded to in Mitchell’s editorial are racists, it does seem to show a bias by Mitchell against those two candidates by not including Matarrese in his sleazy editorial boat ride through the scummy waters of alleged racism. His other offensive remark that, “. . . Alameda is home to an old-school class of ignorant hillbillies.”, is prejudicial, not only for Alamedans but also for hillbillies. To paraphrase Mitchell, his choice of words reveals his prejudice.

    Don Roberts

  4. carter stroud Says:

    Hello Don,
    It has been a few years. I was the City Attorney from 1974 to 1989 and the defender of Measure A. I have not found any other way to contact you. I have written a book, “Natural Selection’s Paradox,” that contains some of my experience with short-term adaptations that result from the paradox, some of which I observed as city attorney. I am also responsible for the lack of billboards in Alameda. KPFA recently reviewed the book with some enthusiasm. People in Alameda might take an interest in what I have been doing since I left the city (still live here). []

    carter stroud

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