Paul’s Newsstand


The newly renovated Paul’s Newsstand was recently inaugurated. As it turns out, this isn’t any ordinary newsstand, but has been an Alameda landmark since 1936. Located at the corner of Park Street and Santa Clara Avenue, it survived an earlier attempt to have it relocated elsewhere.

Additional background information from the Alameda Sun:

The newsstand was named for Paul Manning, who in the 1930s would regularly sell newspapers on the street to Bank of America Vice-President John J. Mulvany. In 1936 Mulvany donated the materials and labor to create a small newsstand for Manning, who was wheelchair-bound due to polio. Paul Manning operated the newsstand until his death in 1949.

Since then the newsstand has had numerous owners in the Manning family. Currently, there is no official owner of the newsstand, and the San Francisco Chronicle has obtained the business license.

One Response to “Paul’s Newsstand”

  1. Ben Says:

    That was a great teaser, but who has been operating since? What was the demolition attempt?

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