Freeway jujitsu enroute to Alameda?

Of the many freeway exits (from I-880 and 980) that lead to Alameda, there are atleast three that are counter-intuitive and have caused endless confusion for folks new to area.

1. 880-North -> Broadway Exit -> Left on Broadway -> “weird partial U-turn” at the first light into Webster Tube.

2. 980-West -> Jackson St Exit -> Left on Jackson -> Left on 6th Street -> It looks like you are back on the on-ramp for 880-North, but follow signs for Broadway -> Left on Broadway -> Follow above directions (“weird partial U-turn” etc).


3. 880-South -> Broadway -> Right at the first light -> Follow signs for Alameda -> Watch for a partially obscured sign indicating only the 2 left lanes are Alameda bound -> Make a goofy left turn into Webster Tube at Broadway.

880s-0.jpg 880s-01.jpg 880s-1.jpg 880s-2.jpg 880s-3.jpg

3 Responses to “Freeway jujitsu enroute to Alameda?”

  1. Ben Says:

    Coming into Alameda from 880 N via Park Street is even worse!

  2. Paul J Says:

    Hilarious descriptions!

    You know … I have always wondered about these designs and who came up with them. The turn into the tube on 5th St (in situation number three above) is particularly tricky if you are in the left most lane. There is always some confused driver who wants to make a left onto Broadway but is in the lane to your right. Guess what happens …

  3. Joe Says:

    The Broadway tube is a mess unless you know where are going. The first few times I was totally confused until I figured it out. The Webster street tube has all these people double parking in China Town and holding up traffic. I think the answer it to have some parking garages around there and make the streets white zones (for passerger drop of or pick up only).

    I think they shoud reconfigure the Broadway tube coming from the freeway (don’t know the street name) so only the left lane can enter unless it is Alameda Transit buses trying to merge in and they should move the bus stop 1 block further back from Washington St so they have time to merge.

    Coming to Alameda can be really confuseing if you have never been here, as they need better signs as well as what lane people need to be in. As traffic gets worse in the next few years it will become more important.

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