Global warming and Alameda


Among the many dramatic images from “An Inconvenient Truth” was the impact of rising sea levels as a result of the large scale melting of the polar ice caps. Sea levels worldwide are expected to rise 18-20′ as a consequence. The potential impact on the bay area is certainly not for the faint hearted. Alameda will not survive the rising sea levels and most (if not all) of the island is projected to be underwater 😦 The movie postulates that we have a small window of opportunity (the next ten years, IIRC) before these changes to the environment become irreversible. There are a number of suggestions on what we, as individuals, can do to prevent these catastrophic events from occurring.

Additional ways in which Alameda can do its part:

  1. Join the more than twenty California cities in banning gasoline powered leaf blowers.
  2. Offer rebates to entice customers to install solar photovoltaic systems, instead of excuses that border on cliche and platitude. If solar photovoltaic systems can work in San Francisco (despite the fog!), there is no reason for it to not work in Alameda.

6 Responses to “Global warming and Alameda”

  1. David Howard Says:

    I’m all for banning gas powered leaf blowers, if only on the basis of the noise they generate.

    As for solar panels, I investigated this for my house in Alameda. There are rebates available from the state and federal level, as I recall, but none of them available to Alameda residents – AP&T already generates “too much” green power.

  2. Michael Krueger Says:

    Just when you thought Mr. Howard and I disagreed on every local issue, finally, some common ground: I also wholeheartedly support a ban on gasoline-powered leaf blowers! Maybe there’s hope for world peace after all. 🙂

  3. keepmeasurea Says:

    See? Now you can take back all those names you called me under your breath. 🙂

  4. Dan Wood Says:

    The thought of Alameda going underwater sure puts this whole name-calling measure A stuff into perspective, doesn’t it?

    I put up a little graphical excerpt on my similar post when I saw An Inconvenient Truth a couple of months ago:

  5. John Knox White Says:

    Here’s a google map plug in that will allow you to sea the rising sea changes, pretty depressing:,-118.0659&z=7&t=0

  6. Says:

    really good

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