Do (election) endorsements really mean anything?

Alameda’s very own, the venerable Don Roberts has a list of endorsements for the upcoming election. Naturally, this being, there are no explanations or rationale behind the choices. Simply put, this is akin to the voice of god commanding you to do his bidding. This might have worked in the 18th century, but not in today’s world. Voters are hoping for an informed debate on the merits of a candidate, his/her stance on various issues of relevant interest and perhaps a summary on why this person deserves to be elected. But no sirree bob, no such formalities for our resident pontiff Roberts.

It must be pointed out that Don also endorsed Tony Daysog for the State Assembly in the June 06 elections — as displayed prominently on Daysog’s web site. Unfortunately, the endorsement did squat for Daysog and he finished last with 9.7% of the votes (it is another matter that Daysog is now running for yet another position: AC Transit board of directors, but his website hasn’t been updated since the June elections). Hmmmm, a candidate whose website is outdated with only 6 weeks to go before the elections gets a ringing endorsement (again)?

One Response to “Do (election) endorsements really mean anything?”

  1. Joe Says:

    I see Don Roberts endorsement as a negative. If he is endorseing a canidate I will look more closely and probably vote against them. I meant Tony at a Christmas Party as asked him why he changed his vote from for to not for the Theatre and most of what I heard was BS… That is why I didn’t vote for him in for State Assembly and wont vote for them in this election either.

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