Election time in Alameda


It must be that time of the year as the egregious personal attacks and conspiracy theories continue unabated around town and online. Perhaps it was only fitting that the setting for the most recent episode was the aptly titled “rants and raves” forum on Craigslist.

How about a meaningful debate on issues? No sirree bob, that would be so very old school (never mind the fact that some of the very folks indulging in this personal attacks profess a desire to retain Alameda’s old world charm).

4 Responses to “Election time in Alameda”

  1. keepmeasurea Says:

    Meaningful debate? With Lauren Do spewing her vitriol and personal attacks from her podium?

    The point is that HOMES and Measure A critics keep preaching “affordable housing for those that don’t otherwise qualify for affordable housing.” Well, that must mean people who earn greater than 120% of the median income – people that self-identify as earning $140K per year, or people that can afford market rate homes in Bayport, or people bragging about news $40K BMWs and asking for donations to attend the BMW driving school.

    That is, people that claim to be helping low-income earners, but either have an ulterior motive, or are just trying to be self-serving.

  2. Joe Says:

    You know after reading keepmeasurea ramblings and prejudices I have totally changed my mind about it. I was 100% for measurea but he convinced me I was wrong.

  3. keepmeasurea Says:

    Joe – that’s a nice tactic, taking the approach that I’ve somehow changed your mind, and trying to make me the villian of Measure A supporters across Alameda. In reality, you, like LaurBen, Michael K, John N. W., Ed M., Dave S., Beth B., etc have already long ago made up your mind.

    But nobody’s buying it, seriously. Keep posting this to humor your own faithful, but the reality is that if there’s a reason you hate me so much, it’s because I’m baring more truths about anti Measure A critics than they can bear.

  4. Joe Says:

    Actually to be honest from my first posting on this site I was for measure A and so was my household (4 votes). I just see you anti everything and it made me think what would be so bad if Measure A went away…nothing that really effects me. It is not a tactic it is the truth. And since I mostly read Lauren’s blog and a few others.

    I don’t hate you, but I don’t think you can see past your glasses to see anyone other point of view. You quote the same statistics over and over again on several blogs and although seem to do the research to me it seemed one sided. I saw what you were saying, what others were saying and Lauren was saying and then I changed my mind.

    I have never been anti-growth, but I was for measure A because I thought it made since. I alway thought they shoud develop more around transportation coridors and didn’t think Alameda fit this bill. Whereas downtown SF and Oakland and close to Bart Stations do. But Alameda is not far from being a transportaion center, we have buses (really good buses), casual carpool, fairy’s and posibly shuttles to Bart. So don’t tell me what I believed and what I believe now were the same thing. I have a right to change my mind.

    I like Target, the Theatre project, more shopping, I have never said contray. But now the smart housing also is starting to make since to me. maybe you should think about it?

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