Blue Angels in Alameda (1995)


I thought this might be appropriate, given the Fleet Week events this weekend. Fleet Week 1995 was the last such event at NAS Alameda. I recall driving over there to watch the Blue Angels in action.

The last Fleet Week celebration for Naval Air Station Alameda was a roaring success. The roar came from stunning shows by the Blue Angels, the Navy’s precision flying team.

From the runway at NAS Alameda, the Blue Angels took off in formation before an appreciative crowd, ending a two-week self-imposed stand down. In addition to the Blue Angels, an Explosive Ordinance Disposal team made parachute jumps into the lagoon, located between the ship’s piers and the air terminal building.

Here are two photographs from that year, from Wade Meyers Studios.



Those were the days! I used to look forward to reading Herb Caen in the Chronicle.

“Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: You find the present tense and the past perfect” 🙂


One Response to “Blue Angels in Alameda (1995)”

  1. Paul C Says:

    Holy smokes … 11 years have gone by and Alameda Point still remains undeveloped. What a waste of opportunity. Alameda is being held hostage by a small vocal minority and the rest of us have to band together to do what is good for the city. We have an opportunity in the Nov elections to send Pat Bail and her cronies packing (again!).

    I recall Fleet Week 95 with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat as that was the last time the base was host to the Blue Angels. Thanks for your post.

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