Jean Sweeney: Is it apology time yet?

It looks like Jean Sweeney has veered slightly off-track on a few occasions after her commendable efforts in securing the Alameda Beltline property. The first was when she raised unsubstantiated accusations that the City intended to sell the Beltline property to the highest bidder, only to retract the accusations later in a public apology. Good for you, Jean!

Evidently, that didn’t deter Jean from going off the deep end again! In “Unsubstantiated Accusations, Part Deux”, she states:

Recently at the car show on Park Street, I stopped in an eatery with my campaign shirt on and was told by the proprietor that his business is being audited by the City of Alameda because he had a Doug de Haan sign in his window.

Evidently that is not the only business that is being audited for the same reason.

I protest my tax money being spent to carry out dirty politics.

Unfortunately (for Jean), Lauren quickly relegated this accusation to a storm in a tea cup and another addition to a long list of “we must be in an election cycle to have these half baked conspiracy theories sprout like wild-flowers” (wow, did that sentence have one metaphor too many or what? 😉

Jean, merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, grazie for your pioneering work on the Beltine property dispute. We can only hope that you will continue to undertake such meticulous fact checking even when you have a vested interest in the outcome!

One Response to “Jean Sweeney: Is it apology time yet?”

  1. Jamal Says:

    Vested interest indeed … a crying shame that she would resort to innuendos inorder to support her candidate.

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