Fair and Balanced?

We now return to our favorite local newspaper (er, blog) — Alameda Daily News. Despite Don’s assertions to the contrary, there is new evidence to indicate that he does cherry pick the letters to publish or, alternatively, bury the “troublesome” letters over the weekend. Additionally, an informal analysis of the letters published on ADN during the past month indicate:

  • approximately 60 letters/comments were favorable to the Slate
  • approximately 20 letters/comments were unfavorable to the Slate

I hadn’t realized that Fox News was also available on Channel 31!

With the increasingly partisan coverage, Don’s suggestion that ADN is the “source for the best informed Alamedans” is an affront to our collective intelligence.  Looks like objectivity is a quaint relic from a bygone era!

One Response to “Fair and Balanced?”

  1. Fred Simpleton Says:

    Okay, again same issue.

    Its HIS site and if you don’t like the way he writes his blog then don’t read it.

    As for the “masthead” what would you rather he say “Source of nothing and a chance for me to play journalist?”

    I also smell a bit of hypocracy here…All you seem to blog about is how terrible Roberts’ work is. I have never seen you name mentioned on his site.

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