Was the scooper scooped?

Today’s print edition of the Alameda Journal ran an article (timestamped 3:01AM) about the city settling a law suit with a former AP&T employee who sustained major injuries on the job. At 9:15 AM, a paragraph describing this settlement magically appears on ADN without any acknowledgement of the source — thus making it appear that Don was somehow privy to this information. In reality, it was the Alameda Journal that had a legitimate scoop, but evidently acknowledging it as such is not part of the “award winning” ethics at ADN!

Cherry picking letters to be published, lack of any objectivity (read extreme partisanship) in the news coverage and now failing to credit news sources … ADN is looking like a shoo-in for the Razzies in journalism (should there ever be such an award!) 🙂

2 Responses to “Was the scooper scooped?”

  1. Richard Says:

    Roberts is a Republican … what do you expect?

  2. Fred Simpleton Says:

    Why the attacks on Roberts? This is his blog and he can write whatever he sees fit. Is his site news? Of course not, I think its at the same level as a 4th grade class blog, but its HIS and he doesn’t need yours or my permission to publish it.

    Come on, do you expect to be informed of the inner-working of Alameda by reading his blog? PLEASE….

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