Election’s Over!

The first Tuesday in November started off with overcast skies and dense fog. After months of passionate debate on the merits/demerits of each candidate, it was finally showtime (with the advent of absentee ballots, it was well-past showtime for many of the early voters; but it makes for a compelling story, nevertheless).

Any expectations of a close fight were belied by the early returns that showed Johnson, Tam and Matarrese staking a sizeable lead over the opponents. The relative percentages did not change much over the course of the night resulting in a landslide victory for the incumbents (and one new comer). Johnson’s tally (10349) was nearly double that of DeHaan’s (5627). while Tam and Matarrese’s aggregate (15225) was significantly higher than the Slate’s candidates (8761).

Clearly, a vast majority of Alamedans are happy for the most part with the current state of the city and this is a mandate for the city council to continue working on the improvements that have been set in motion. The results also show a complete repudiation of the fear mongering tactics and the many insensitive/inaccurate remarks from some of the candidates.

Where do we go from here? With the election’s over, now it’s time to tackle the realities!

As with any election, there are bound to be winners and losers. Regardless of whose candidates ended up where, it is in the community’s best interests to overlook the election rhetoric/fringe extremes and seek a common ground that will benefit all of Alameda. We chose to make our homes here for good reason and therefore have a vested interest in the common ground.

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