Webster Pharmacy: Last Man Standing

Continuing the occasional series on local businesses, I came across this article that talks about Webster Pharmacy being the city’s only independent corner drug store.

After graduating, Ed Clark came to California and started work at Alameda Drug in 1965. He purchased Webster Street Pharmacy in 1973, the same year he bought his house. He recalls Alameda was home to 15 or 16 independent drugstores at the time.

Today, the business owner surrounds himself in history. Old photographs, faded medical reference books and vintage pharmaceutical containers can be found in his shop. Clark is well-versed in the history of pharmacies and famous people, such as Ben Franklin and playwright Henrik Ibsen, who started out as apothecaries. But behind the counter, he uses the latest technology to fill and track prescriptions. Reference materials once on printed page are now found online, and Clark stays up to date by attending pharmacist conferences.

Clark is also a frequent contributor to the Alameda Sun and maintains an archive of his articles.


One Response to “Webster Pharmacy: Last Man Standing”

  1. Neal_J Says:

    Last time I checked Encinal Hardware still had its little pharmacy that run by the Jabers.

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