Alameda Landing Update


With a special City Council meeting scheduled for Dec 5th, the Chronicle has an article on Alameda Landing. Having been to one of the early workshops, it is clear that a significant amount of planning and community input has gone into the proposed design. Alameda Landing is expected to eventually contribute nearly $5m in annual property and sales taxes. The city could definitely use this extra income.

Some highlights from the article:

Alameda Landing is described as a tribute to environmentally friendly design. Nearly all the buildings would be constructed from recycled, reused and nontoxic materials. Bike and pedestrian paths would weave past East Coast-style walk-up duplexes, outdoor restaurants and rehabilitated warehouses.

Catellus has made a number of concessions to the city, such as agreeing to clean up the contaminated soil, build the infrastructure and help promote local businesses that might be adversely affected by the influx of retail. The company also agreed to set aside 25 percent of residential units as affordable housing and to design the development to blend with its surroundings by extending streets and using matching streetlights, signs and other features.

“We got everything we asked for, certainly,” said David Brandt, Alameda’s assistant city manager. “We think it’ll bring more people and activities to the waterfront, and we’re happy about that.”

The article also mentions that traffic mitigation still remains an important issue.

One Response to “Alameda Landing Update”

  1. Ben Kruger Says:

    Thanks for the update! I look forward to hearing more about the traffic impact.

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