Yet another famous Alamedan: Frozone

Continuing the occasional series on Alameda/Alamedans.

No, hell hasn’t frozen over … nor are the rising sea levels threatening Alameda (not yet, anyway). The Chronicle has an article on the ice-skater playing the lead role in the Disney on Ice production of “Disneyland Adventures”.

In the show, Rodgers plays the character Frozone from “The Incredibles,” the best friend of Mr. Incredible, and a speed skater, as the Incredibles crew makes its way through Disneyland.

After attending Encinal High in Alameda then transferring to the School of the Arts in San Francisco for his final two years of high school, Rodgers went on to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where he received his BFA in 2004.

Whilst I am perhaps a few dozen years older than the intended target audience of “Disney on Ice” and hence won’t be heading out to watch the show anytime, “The Incredibles” was a great movie and had some hilarious gag lines! Samuel L Jackson provided the voiceover for Frozone.

2 Responses to “Yet another famous Alamedan: Frozone”

  1. Dave S. Says:

    Actually, if you watch the beginning scene in the Incredibles with the in-board map in Mister Incredible’s car, you’ll see familiar roads from Emeryville, and similarly the final battle scene definitely has some similar geography to the Lake Merritt area, so yeah — there’s definitely some East Bay influence in that movie!

  2. Michael Krueger Says:

    Yes, I noticed “San Pablo Avenue” on Mr. Incredible’s navigation screen. Also — and perhaps this is my overly active transit rider’s imagination — I could have sworn that the sound effects for the monorail in the villain’s secret compound included some distinctive BART train noises.

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