Clamp Swing


This isn’t about the ongoing (never ending?) controversy over Measure A nor the recent apellate court rulings, but rather about the company that was previously located at the building that now bears its name.

My curiousity was piqued by the name of the building (“Clamp Swing”) . Turns out they’ve been around since 1924 and are now located in Oakland. The company owes its beginnings to the frustrations of dealing with the grocery price tags of the day and has since specialized in the manufacturing of Point-of-Purchase display and pricing systems for chain grocers and other retailers.

The price card holder, a rigid metal unit that displayed the price directly in front of the product, was attached to the wooden shelf with a staple. Customers inadvertently pulled many card holders out of the shelf, to the embarrassment and confusion of all concerned. David Garfinkle’s invention incorporated a metal card holder hinged to a metal clamp, which attached to the shelf, suspending the price in front of the product. When the customer pulled the merchandise off the shelf, the card holders swung easily out of the way.

The patented system features a new flexible adaptor for aisle signing that is capable of taking a direct hit from shoppers and springing back to it’s original position. The unique design has internal detents in the hinge mechanism that allows for proper alignment of the frame without the need for tools. All components are made of durable engineering grade plastics.

Interesting, n’est-ce pas?

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