Look who’s moving to Alameda!

The recent issue of Alameda Magazine profiles some of the newest residents of Alameda and some of their reasons for relocating here. None of which should be a surprise for us current residents 🙂

Among other things, Alameda continues to draw buyers because of the variety of houses available. “We have a diverse inventory of housing, everything from Victorians to newer construction,’’ says Pagones. “The schools are very important, and, geographically, [Alameda is] located in the center of the Bay Area. That makes it an easy commute.’’

More proof that the revitalization of Park St and other areas is having a positive effect:

“Another story you would hear a lot over the years was people coming to Alameda and finding that the shopping had improved and that Alameda had improved, and the secret was getting out. Well, the secret is out now’’

A majority of Alamedans choose to relocate within the island, confirming that Alamedans know a good thing when they see it!

Real estate agents say the majority of Alameda buyers are already Alameda residents… Even in a new development such as Bayport, more than half of the buyers so far have been Alameda residents, according to sales figures.

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