Sour beans, Emeryville?

The new Peet’s roasting plant in Alameda has just opened in Bay Farm Island. I couldn’t help but notice the two very divergent views expressed by Emeryville and Alameda. First the sour beans comment from Emeryville:

“I’m not sure the plant is a great asset for us,” said Emeryville’s director of planning and building, Charles Bryant. “But we definitely want to keep the Peet’s headquarters. Having the employees here is more valuable than having the beans.”

Alameda couldn’t be more thrilled.

“It’s a real coup for us,” said Lisa Goldman, Alameda’s deputy city manager, of the Peet’s move. “They needed space to grow, and we could provide the space they need. We’re all pretty excited.”

Why Peet’s will never be another Starsucks:

“We don’t want to put a Peet’s on every street corner,” he said. “I’d rather have 100 percent of the business of the 10 percent of people who consider themselves real coffee lovers, than try to compete for the other 90 percent.”

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