Alameda BART Station in 2050?


The Chronicle is reporting that BART is considering several long term options including the possibility of a second transbay tube that serves Alameda and connects to the new Transbay terminal in downtown SFO.

This is definitely long term (2050), but still bears watching.

One Response to “Alameda BART Station in 2050?”

  1. James Coulter Says:

    The plan to bring BART directly into Alameda is a good choice. This will help ease congested roadways throughout the East Bay and Bay Bridge.

    The possible destination into SF will be the All-World Transbay Transit Terminal. Still BART must consider making the tunnel run through Treasure Island with the major housing and modern development planned for the land. The stop would be perfect at the beautiful planned T.I. Ferry Terminal. Without BART TI would be relying only on one bridge exit and entry and help keep the bridge into SF over congested.

    The tube and tracks would have to cross the existing tube into Embarcadero and Oakland, meaning that there could be two crossovers so that some trains on other routes could make treasure island stops optional. Also Alameda trains could switch between SFO and The Transbay Terminal allowing users to have more access to SF.

    While we’re at this. The proposed MUNI light rail between Chinatown and Mission Bay makes sense in many ways when we look at the long term growth in SOMA. It is the priority because of major plans for the area. Development is a major infusion of money in the city. Construction, Jobs, taxes, hotels, businesses, condo’s, apartments, retail and etc. Those billions of dollars are needed for The City’s economy. With the new light rail making Union Square, BART and central downtown easily accessable, new residential planning will be attractive to major developers.

    With the expected population boom in that area of SF, San Franciscans will be happy 20 years from now that our pushed for the tunnel into Chinatown.

    If we wanted to serve our Long term real San Franciscans…..

    RIGHT NOW, that 1.2 Billion could takes us underground below Geary and Market and come above ground at Van Ness. From that point forward the Line would follow Geary to the Cliff House or around the coast to meet, say, the N Juduh and L Taraval Lines via Sunset Boulevard, allowing more transit options for very remote residents of our city.

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