Alameda Coffee Shops

Here’s a listing of the independent coffee shops (ok, Peet’s is an exception) and dessert places in Alameda. is a good source to find independent coffee shops.


14 Responses to “Alameda Coffee Shops”

  1. Dave S. Says:

    Aha! So Loard’s DIDN’T die when it vanished from Marina Village!

  2. Schwin Says:

    Great! Thanks for creating these maps.

    Your site personifies Alameda with the emphasis on the many small things that make Alameda Alameda. I much prefer this than the other blogs that are simply too political.

  3. phastphill Says:

    Whoa, is Foster’s Freeze a coffee shop? 🙂

    Seriously though, thanks for this (and the restaurant map). Nice stuff!

  4. alameda Says:

    The entry reads “independent coffee shops … and dessert places” 🙂

  5. Brian Says:

    You forgot the newest addition “Little House Cafe” at the corner of Oak and Blanding. Nice little place in a cute old house, and an grasscape parking lot that looks like a lawn!

    Also Tommy’s (?) cafe inside the new Alameda Free Library, with free wi-fi too!

  6. alameda Says:

    Thanks Brian! I have updated the map to include Little House Cafe (wasn’t aware that it was open to the public). I stopped by to check out the parking lot … very cool! 🙂

  7. Lauren Do Says:

    Actually it’s “Dewey’s” inside the Alameda Free Library in honor of Mr. Dewey Decimal System himself.

  8. Countess Alameda Says:

    I agree this blog is so alameda ou get bookmark in my browser.

  9. keaton Says:

    excuse me, alameda i was wondering whether or not you could give me permission to edit this photo to use on my bands poster?

  10. keaton Says:

    (the coffee on at the top of the page)

  11. alameda Says:

    keaton, I used that image from “” (as indicated by the watermark).

  12. Modestyblejz Says:

    Me too! I liked the photo so much 🙂 Who did the design on the coffee?

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