Documentary on Alameda West End

The 73-minute documentary “Civic Unity: Five Years in the West End of Alameda” will be screened on March 1 (4-6PM) at the College of Alameda, F Building, Student lounge. This will be followed by a discussion with filmmakers Gary Weimberg and Catherine Ryan as well as residents spotlighted in the film.

Perhaps this documentary might be a good opportunity to catch up on recent developments in the West End. As reported in the Journal:

… documents the mass eviction of more than 400 residents at the nearby Harbor Island Apartments, a process that began July 22 of that year.

The film offers short, compelling biographies of several of the participants, as well as numerous scenes of familiar West End life, from bicycle riders at Alameda Point, to residents picking up bags of groceries at the Alameda Food Bank.

The producers have this to say:

After 5 years of filming and editing, the result is moving beyond what any of us expected, and sure to provide a model of community engagement for other neighborhoods across the country.

One Response to “Documentary on Alameda West End”

  1. lorenzo loaiza Says:

    by any chance is there any way for the public to still view this documentary?

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