What is your WalkScore?

In the Sunday NYT Magazine:

Last summer, a trio of Seattle software developers started walkscore.com, which calculates the number of potential destinations within walking distance of any given address and then produces a rating. If your neighborhood scores 90 or above, you can easily live there without a car; if it scores under 25, you’ll be driving to the backyard.

I entered a couple of random addresses in Alameda. As expected, neighborhoods in the vicinity of Webster and Park St have high walkscores (85 and 94, respectively), while it was significantly lower (40-50s) for Bay Farm.

Go ahead, lookup your Walk Scores!

2 Responses to “What is your WalkScore?”

  1. Kevis Brownson Says:

    Wow! my address on Everett gets a 97! well, I probably already knew I could walk to nearly everything, but this is a very cool little program.

  2. gwen Says:

    I can’t put a whole lot of stock in this widget since it counts Little Caesar’s as our closest restaurant and a liquor store as our closest grocery. [It also lists the dollar store as a grocery — all righty then!]

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