Alameda Theater: Some suggestions

The reviews are in (here, and here, for starters) and the Alameda theater restoration is getting rave reviews. I was there for the free grand opening on Saturday and watching Ingrid Bergman on the big screen brought back memories from many years ago! Perhaps the theater might want to consider the regular screening of classics, in addition to the first run movies.

The website could do with some sprucing up. For starters, it is incomplete as Indiana Jones is playing on two screens, while the website lists the timings for only the main screen. As always, Google to the rescue. btw, Google has listings for all 8 screens, but the theater’s website lists only 5! What gives?

As the restored main screen is perhaps the main draw, it would be helpful if the movie playing there was clearly identified.

The online booking interface is broken! It takes you to a screen that has links to the individual websites for the movies, but good luck trying to book a ticket through any of these links.

Hopefully, these are just the initial glitches and will be sorted out in due course.

While we’re on the topic of the theater, check out the June 1933 program for the Alameda Theater.

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part D


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