Seeing is believing … or is it?

NYT is reporting that Philadelphia is trying out a rather innovative approach to speed bumps:

The triangles are known variously as 3-D, virtual or just plain fake speed humps. The virtual variety — flat pieces of plastic that are burned into the street, with the configuration of the colored lines conveying the illusion that a driver is about to cross the real thing — is less expensive ($500 each, versus $2,000), does not impede water flow and poses no threat to ambulances or other speeding emergency vehicles.

Would this work in Alameda?


One Response to “Seeing is believing … or is it?”

  1. John Knox White Says:

    That’s hilarious!

    I can see them causing a lot of problems as drivers who are unaware of what they are slam on their brakes….it’ll be interesting to see how the trial goes.

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