How many Starbucks does Alameda need?

There are 6 Starbucks stores in Alameda … of which there are two sets of stores that are located in close proximity to each other.

  1. The Webster store is less than half a mile from the Marina Village Lucky location.
  2. Alameda Towne Center has 2 stores located approx a couple of hundred feet from each other

While it certainly can be traumatic for Starbucks employees who might lose their jobs as a result of the proposed consolidation, you have to wonder why the brainiacs running the company couldn’t foresee this situation! Having a large number of stores in close proximity to another (especially for a product that is as generic as it gets) doesn’t seem like a great idea to start with (despite the pretentious “tall/grande/venti” labelling) šŸ™‚

Needless to say, definitely not my favorite place to get a cuppa!

2 Responses to “How many Starbucks does Alameda need?”

  1. Dave S. Says:

    Uh, what Marina Village Starbucks at Lucky? Last I saw that location a few weeks back, it was closed up. And yeah, the little coffee shop around the corner over by Round Table definitely pours a better cup of joe.

  2. Alan Bell Says:

    If a Starbucks has no business, it will close. So maybe Alameda locations have lots volume, so they open more.

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