NYT article

This is perhaps old news for us residents, but it was good to see Alameda get a prominent mention in the NYT article on the commercial real estate in the Bay Area.

At the north end of Alameda, an East Bay island city of 72,000, Catellus, a unit of ProLogis that specializes in mixed-use and retail development, is converting the Navy’s old 213-acre supply facility into a planned community. Roughly half the land has become Bayport, a neighborhood of 485 single-family homes, a new elementary school and an 11-acre park.

Catellus is set to start construction of Alameda Landing on the remaining 97 acres. This includes thousands of feet of shoreline where the company is planning to build a promenade and a 32,000-square-foot waterfront district with restaurants, entertainment and retail facilities. Other features include a 300,000-square-foot retail center, 400,000 square feet of offices and up to 300 residential units.

“We expect that Alameda Landing will sell as well as Bayport did,” said Aidan Barry, Catellus’s first vice president. “The location on the bay just can’t be beat.”


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