Spare a fruit or two?

From the Oakland magazine:

Forage Oakland, a neighborhood produce networking effort, makes it so easy. Started in mid-April by Asiya Wadud, 26, of Oakland, the project harvests and exchanges crops from local neighborhoods. Folks with too many ripening peaches, avocados, blackberries or pluots, for instance, can e-mail or call Wadud, telling her what they have to give and what they’d like in return for their edibles. Wadud then schedules a time to pedal her basketed bike over with a buddy or two, picker in hand, to retrieve the perishables that will be bartered, and she later delivers the requested foodstuff, identified with a Forage Oakland card. The model allows gardeners with ready-to-harvest goods to trade for later-producing herbs, fruits or vegetables.

The Chronicle reported on another venture, with a different goal.

The harvest is donated to low-income senior centers in the neighborhoods in which the youths live. It also goes to local youth and community programs, which sell it at below supermarket cost to residents who often lack access to fresh produce.

If anybody is interested in starting up something similar in Alameda, Forage Oakland is looking for collaborators.

Update (Feb 18): Now in Alameda! Check out Alameda Fruit Exchange.


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