Missing the trees

Not for the forest, but I digress (apart from it being the other way around).

I noticed a few weeks ago (Lauren did as well) that several mature trees on Stargell Ave disappeared overnight. They were standing after the initial carnage that saw dozens of trees being removed when work began on the Stargell extension and realignment project, so I presumed they were here to stay. Wrong!

In response to my query, I was told by the City:

The most recent activity along Stargell within the City’s right of way required the removal of trees that the City’s arborist found had root problems and would be a safety issue and recommended removal. Part of the Stargell Webster project includes landscaping.  The landscaping will consist of planting 186 trees (24″ box size), 45 trees (15 gallon size), several thousand shrubs and ground cover.

So … we had 63 mature trees removed and they will be replaced by 231 saplings.  I hope most of these new saplings survive and mature into graceful trees.

One Response to “Missing the trees”

  1. leucadiablog Says:

    One mature tree is not equivalent to even 5 saplings. Maybe not 50, but whatever. The arborist said so, so the tree goes. Arborists are landscape maintenance workers who took several easy tests and that does not make them botanists. Ask for the arborist’s facts and findings. Make up your own mind if the trees had to go. In Leucadia we’ve had a hundred trees felled and it turns out that the arborists were running cover for alternative motivations.

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