1 in 2 Alamedans don’t care!

OK … so I made that up. But how else would you describe the fact that nearly 50% of Alameda voters didn’t bother to send in their ballots? This was perhaps the easiest election to vote. There was just a single ballot initiative, all you had to do was connect the appropriate arrow, sign your name and drop off the postage paid envelope. What could be more easier? I find it hard to believe that our daily schedules are so tightly choreographed that many of us don’t even have the time to vote.

It is astonishing that we would let somebody else make decisions on our behalf — especially on  a pocketbook issue that directly affects your way of life.

2 Responses to “1 in 2 Alamedans don’t care!”

  1. phastphill Says:

    I voted, but it wasn’t easy.

    Since moving to Alameda, I’ve relocated twice. I didn’t feel the need to change my registration address since I still go to the same polling place. I forgot to reregister for this election, so I had to fill out an application to have the ballot mailed to my new address. But the ballot never came. So this week, I had to go over to the registrar in Oakland and fill out a provisional ballot. That’s enough of a pain that if I didn’t have kids about to enter school I might not have bothered.

  2. David N Says:

    The solution is to enroll in vote by mail. You will always get the ballot delivered to you (as long as they have your current address)


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