Alameda power outage

We had three power outages today! The first two were around 2pm and lasted less than 15 minutes. The third was around 6:30pm and lasted nearly an hour. This was perhaps the longest power outage in the 16+ years that I’ve lived here.

Unless I missed it, there were no updates on AMP’s website re: the service interruption. I see an update dated 8:53pm, but there were none during the outage as to the probable reason(s). Perhaps this is such a rare event that it caught AMP off-guard? Might be a good time for them to start a twitter feed similar to PG&E 🙂

Not a biggie in the grand scheme of things, life goes on. But it was really annoying to see all the lights on in the library at around 3pm and a sign saying “The library is closed due to power outage”.


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