Estuary crossing shuttle status?

They were supposed to be up and running by the end of May, anybody know if this is still on track?

In the even more near term, a proposed van-shuttle for bikes from the College of Alameda to Laney College is close to realization. Though the pick up points are local schools, the service will be open to the general public. The set-up is simply, requiring only a van and a trailer. The city has already received the grant, and the key players are working on signing contracts. “I’m hoping that by May, Bike-To-Work month, everything will be ready to go,” Gigli said.

On a related note, has a tilting bridge been considered as a more permanent alternative?

3 Responses to “Estuary crossing shuttle status?”

  1. John Knox White Says:

    That’s really cool!

    Unfortuantely, the coast guard requirements would make any movable bridge the biggest in the world because of the height and width clearances. The cost would be astronomical.

  2. cyndy Says:

    The shuttle is planned to start service in late August — get details here:

  3. Mel B Says:

    Great … can’t wait to use the shuttle.

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