This ain’t going away anytime soon

The fallout over the tragic drowning on Memorial Day continues unabated (as it rightly should).  Now we have the EBX asking a lot of disconcerting questions:

Did firefighters and police officers let Zack kill himself out of protest or in an effort to send some kind of message? Or did they refuse to put their lives on the line because they’re disgruntled? Were they asking themselves: “Why should I risk my life when the city doesn’t have my back?”


The article also raises this unfortunate aspect of Alameda’s politics:

The Alameda firefighters’ union wields substantial political power on the island, so criticism from elected officials may remain muted.

If there was ever a time for an unbiased investigation of the facts, this is perhaps as good as it can ever get. Alameda’s elected representatives owe it to themselves (and more importantly, to the city and to Zack’s mother) to conduct a transparent investigation into the events, regardless of the campaign contributions by the firefighter’s union.

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