Is APD slacking off?

Admittedly, the sample size is extremely small (just 1, moi) but I can’t help but wonder if Alameda’s much vaunted 25 mph speed limit is of late being observed more in the breach. I often see traffic speeding by on Stargell Avenue between Main and Webster at near freeway speeds and have yet to see a single ticket being issued.

I’ve had cars pass me on Lincoln and Otis as well and they were definitely going much faster than 25 mph.

Gotta ask: Is APD slacking off?


3 Responses to “Is APD slacking off?”

  1. Mel B Says:

    All APD cares is about their fat pensions, ditto for their friends at AFD. How they sleep at night after what happened on Memorial day is beyond me. Helps to not have a conscience, I suppose.

  2. Dave Says:

    The city council explained on 6/28 that it costs the city to issue citations. They don’t make money on the deal. The recording is available on the city’s website.

  3. Vania Says:

    Dave, are you saying there won’t be any citations issued because the city/APD don’t make money off them????

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