Treemageddon on Park St

It was depressing to walk around Park St last evening. Many people stopped by to read the condolence messages that were displayed on the pathetic looking stumps that serve as a reminder of the carnage.

There is no dispute that the plan to remove all the trees between Central and Encinal was explicitly mentioned in the staff report and voted 5-0  by the City Council. I’m sure the staff reports contain some very fine prose, but I don’t know if reading them is the first thing most Alamedans think of when they wake up every morning.

The bigger questions are:

  • Why wasn’t there a taped notice on each of the trees announcing the imminent removal (as is usually done elsewhere)?
  • Did the City fear a backlash if there was an advance notification?
  • Was it really necessary to remove several mature trees? It will be another decade or so (atleast) before we have anything close to the majestic canopies that were brutally felled.
  • What part of Alameda is Spanish for “grove of poplar trees” or “tree-lined avenue” wasn’t clear to the City Council?

One Response to “Treemageddon on Park St”

  1. Vania Says:

    Well said … City Council is filled with nitwits, who would’ve thought street improvements would include the deliberate destruction of 30 trees!!!!!! Only in Alameda.

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