City issues mea culpa

This is a good start, the next steps are to ensure the replacements are “reasonably” mature trees and not twigs. That and to ensure that similar snafus don’t occur again.

The City failed to notify the general public recently that the 2nd phase of the Streetscape Project on Park Street would begin with the immediate removal of the trees between Lincoln Ave and Webb Ave and from Central to San Jose. There is no excuse; this was a mistake. The sight of tree-less stretches of Park Street shocked and dismayed many, many Alamedans as they were going about their regular routine on the street. We acknowledge that people were justifiably angry with City Hall for this unwelcome surprise.

The “after” visuals look good, but the question still remains: could this have been achieved without the destruction of the mature trees?


One Response to “City issues mea culpa”

  1. vigi Says:

    I don’t agree with destroying the trees. But in looking at some old postcards of Park Street, I was reminded that in the 1970’s, Park Street had virtually NO street trees! What Public Works giveth, Public Works taketh away.
    And no poplar trees were cut down. Alameda should change its name to “Ginkotown”

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