What’s a picture worth?

A recent cartoon in the Alameda Sun succinctly captures what might happen if the anti-development folks have their way.

3 Responses to “What’s a picture worth?”

  1. Joe Says:

    I love this picture…it is so true.

  2. Peter U Says:

    Measure A folks would rather drive to San Leandro than buy stuff locally (as was pointed out by a letter to Don Roberts @ ADN). Talk about being penny wise pound foolish. What about the impact on the environment as a result of all that driving? Alameda is not going to survive the rising sea levels … the Measure A folks (and the rest of us) will no doubt speed up the climate changes once we start driving all over the place to buy stuff.

  3. Joe Says:

    In the past year, we bought a refrigerator in Hayward, washer and dryer in San Leandro, 3 couches and 6 chairs in San Francisco, Union City and Emeryville, dinning room table and chairs in San Francisco, 1 bed in Emeryville the other in San Fransico, desk and shelves in Emeryville, tables in San Francisco, Lamps in Hayward, Outdoor furniture in Pleasenton, gas barbecue in Union City, clothes in San Francisco and Emeryville, computer stuff in Fremont and San Fancisco, Plants and landscaping material in Oakland and San Leandro, Paint in Oakland and although some in Alameda. Towels in Oakland, Bed coverings in SF, Hayward… Rugs in Oakland and Union City. We go see movies in Emeryville, we eat a lot out in other cities, go to the gym in Oakland or SF. We want to get another TV…is there some place in Alameda?

    My point is there is hardly anything we can get in Alameda except grocery’s and gas. We spent thousands of dollars last year and it all went to help other cities. Although once in a while we eat in one of the places here.

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