Gateway to Alameda

LCVNhHbBMFqcled-556x313-noPadWith a name like that, the last thing you expect to see at one of the major entrances to the city (just as you exit the Webster Tube) are neon signs for In-N-Out along with a Safeway gas station and alcohol kiosk. Unfortunately, this is precisely the “vision” that city planners have for the West End. In the past, community input clearly indicated that additional fast food joints are not welcome in the Webster District (saturated as it is with several such establishments).

There are also concerns about gridlock on Webster/Stargell from traffic entering/exiting the In-N-Out (we all know just how devoted the In-N-Out afficionados are).

There is a petition requesting the Alameda Planning Board reject the applications are currently under review for this gateway location and prevent it from becoming a Gateway to Anywhere.

We acknowledge that Alamedans are excited about In N Out coming to Alameda, but this parcel is not the right location for that. This is our community’s opportunity to create a gateway to Alameda that is attractive to potential residents, investors, and visitors, and showcases our city as a unique place to visit and live.


3 Responses to “Gateway to Alameda”

  1. Harriet Says:

    What is with our obsession to fast food? How many more need to die before we learn a lesson???

  2. Jim K Says:

    South Shore is a better choice as a replacement for Pearl’s.

  3. david j Says:

    Enough with the junk food eateries.

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