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Ferry trouble

January 19, 2007

The Chronicle is reporting:

Officials have suspended ferry service to and from the Alameda Main Street Pier terminal as a safety precaution so inspectors can check potential problems with the pier pilings.


Bird’s eye view of Alameda

January 18, 2007

Windows Live is quantum leaps ahead of the competition in providing bird’s eye map views and the ability to switch the view directions. In contrast, Yahoo and Google  appear so very 2006ish 🙂

In the air tonight

January 17, 2007

… with due apologies to Phil Collins!

Perhaps it would be an understatement to say that we’ve all been feeling a little chilly lately, what with the temperatures dipping to multi-year lows (night time temperatures dropping to below freezing in Alameda, huh?). The last time this happened was over 30 years ago. Whilst it certainly has been cold, it has also been relatively dry!

It’s this kid‘s fault!