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Cross Alameda Trail

August 8, 2006


The city has (finally!) won the long standing Alameda Belt Line lawsuit.

The City of Alameda has prevailed in defending a decades-old agreement which allows it to buy back 40 acres of land from a railroad at the original price. In an order issued today, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Jon Tigar ruled that the 1924 contract between the City and Alameda Belt Line “is enforceable and that the City of Alameda is entitled to repurchase the railroad for the sum of $966,027.” The City originally sold the property for $30,000 with a provision that the railroad must sell it back at that cost plus the cost of any additional investments and extensions, if the City chose to buy it back. A trial before Judge Tigar was held earlier this spring on claims by the railroad that the agreement is not legally enforceable.

What does this mean for Alameda?