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Alameda Point Trail

August 20, 2007


Construction is to begin in the Fall on the Alameda Point trail. As the Chronicle reports:

The trail – with its spectacular views of the bay – also will begin what officials hope will be a 7-mile loop around Alameda Point, the mostly shuttered and rundown old base that the Navy closed in 1997. The loop in turn would complete a missing part of the San Francisco Bay Trail, a grand network of trails along shorelines around the entire bay.


All politics is local

August 10, 2007

The phrase is attributed to Tip O’ Neil and is especially relevant given the increasing relevance of blogs in local politics. The Chronicle summed this up nicely:

And as more newspapers cut staff and can’t cover many of the stories they used to, bloggers who cover local politics have become the de facto watchdog in some communities and over some areas of government.

How is this relevant to Alameda you ask? For starters, we do have our fair share of local reporting thanks to the efforts of bloggers Dan, JKW and Lauren. Their efforts have provided a much needed forum where issues of local interest are reported (and debated upon).

Green Building Exchange

August 2, 2007

A one stop shop for “green” items — not in Alameda, but across the bay in Redwood City.

Green Building Exchange provides the information and contacts necessary for the public or business professionals to realize any green building project, from initial design to completed structure. The public benefits by having a large choice of qualified vendors in one locale. Ease of selecting appropriate materials, services and qualified professionals for your buildingproject ultimately translates into reduced time and project costs.